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Souls all around. I can smell them. Packed tight. Crowded

Liss Hubble was a Soul Eater raised by James shortly after he was exposed as a higher-level demon by ex-watcher Laura Weathermill.


James was able to "grow" Liss out of the body of a murdered apartment tenant. Promising her the souls of vampires, James enlists Liss as his agent to dispose of Angel and Spike. Liss eventually tracks down Bradley Hubble, a client of Angel Investigations. She uses him as a way to get in the Hyperion, using Hubble's unpaid bill as an excuse to meet with both Spike and Angel and poses as Hubble's daughter (or mistress) using the alias Liss Hubble. Upon contact, she injures both vampires and immediately determines that Spike is currently soulless (actually, she is unable to sense his soul due to the presence of a mystical parasite).

Laura Weathermill was able to successfully instruct Spike and Illyria to subdue Liss from afar. Keeping Liss underwater in a bathrub of a powerful mixture, the Soul Eater was incapacitated for over five hours. Liss later ate the soul of team member Dez in a surprise attack, but was eventually beheaded by Angel with a sword and then stabbed in the lower spine, effectively immobilized and assumed dead.
Dez death

Liss kills Desdemona.


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