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Btvs The canonicity of this article's subject remains dubious. Though it doesn't contradict official continuity, it has not been referenced in any confirmed canonical material.

Souls all around. I can smell them. Packed tight. Crowded.

Liss was a soul eater raised by Myresto Mor in Los Angeles to go after the souls of Angel and Spike.[1]


After Laura Weathermill exposed Myresto to the Angel Investigations team, he grew Liss out of the body of a murdered apartment tenant. He promised her the souls of vampires and enlisted Liss as his agent to dispose of Angel and Spike.[1] Liss tracked down Bradley Hubble, a client of Angel Investigations, and ate his soul so he would be in her thrall until his body wither.[2]

Using Hubble's unpaid bill as an excuse to enter the Hyperion Hotel, Liss posed as "either his daughter, or trophy wife, or mistress." She insisted on meeting Angel and Spike, and Connor noticed she ought be a demon. When Angel and Spike finally arrived in the office, Liss attacked and injured both vampires. However, she immediately determined that Spike was currently soulless, unable to sense his soul due to the presence of a parasite that had corrupted it.[3]

Dez death

Liss kills Desdemona.

Laura instructed Spike and Illyria to subdue Liss from afar. They kept Liss underwater in a bathtub with a powerful mixture, which incapacitated the soul eater for over five hours. However, Liss took advantage of a moment of distraction and ate the soul of team member Dez in a surprise attack. While Liss attacked Laura, Angel beheaded Liss with a sword and stabbed her in the back, killing her.[4]


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