Why are you doing this? We're friends!
―Lisel to Hester[src]

Lisel was a young vampire from Sunnydale. She was part Hester's clique of vampires, until she is unwillingly sacrificed by Hester to a demon.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Lisel, along with her friends: Stephen, Greg and Hester were victims of a vampire attack, and from the attack were turned. One night, Lisel and her friends attempted to enter a nightclub for vampires but were rejected for their lowly status. Lisel's friend, Hester, asked the bouncer how they could prove their worth so they could enter the nightclub, and in response, the bouncer challenged her to defeat the slayer.

In an abandoned cemetery, Hester plotted a way to kill the slayer, while Lisel and the gang played video and board games. Prior to her vampirism, Lisel enjoyed playing board games and continued to enjoy them after becoming a vampire. On the other hand, Hester was agitated by this, believing that their focus should be on the slayer.

Hester forces Lisel and the rest of the gang to fight the slayer. They brawl until Hester catches Buffy off guard by accusing her of fitting the blond bully stereotype. With Buffy distracted, Lisel and the gang flee and take residence at a different cemetery.

In a final confrontation with the slayer, the group again fought, until they surrounded Buffy. They enact a spell in hopes that it would kill the slayer, but to successfully summon the demon, three sacrifices have to be made. Therefore, Hester, sacrifices Stephen, Greg and Lisel to the demon; who kills all three and soon afterwards kills Hester.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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