Linwood: “Lilah, this is my corner of the sky. I decide when the sun rises and when it sets. Lack of long-term vision has always been one of your shortcomings.
Lilah: “And lack of courage has always been one of yours. You're afraid—of Angel and his son. And that's the reason for your daring strategy of 'wait and see', isn't it? You're afraid. And fear breeds weakness.
— Linwood Murrow and Lilah Morgan[src]

Linwood Murrow was a lawyer at Wolfram & Hart and president of the Special Projects Division.


Wolfram & Hart

His children were taken by the Senior Partners. As President of Special Projects Division, he was the direct superior of Lilah Morgan. Unlike preceding CEO's Holland Manners or Nathan Reed, Linwood was more concerned with his personal agenda and safety than with Wolfram & Hart's grand schemes, such as the Senior Partners' plot to corrupt Angel, thus going as far as trying to kill the vampire, which was a violation of company policy. Lilah often clashed with Linwood, unlike Gavin Park, who followed Linwood in an attempt to get rid of the competition.

When Connor was kidnapped and taken to a hell dimension, Linwood was captured by Angel, taken to his room in the Hyperion Hotel and tortured.


Linwood: “This is outrageous! Are you actually telling me that you went over my head?
Lilah: “Just under it, actually.
— Linwood and Lilah[src]

With Angel missing for months and both the search for him and the operation to capture Connor still being "assessed" by Linwood, Lilah, who feared for her life as she opposed Linwood's policies, went behind his back and spoke directly to Mr. Suvarta, one of the Senior Partners. He agreed that Linwood's fears of Angel and Connor had made him weak, thus authorizing Lilah to take over his place as President of the Special Projects Division.

During a meeting of the Special Projects Division, Lilah finally confronted Linwood and revealed both her opinion and that of Mr. Suvarta. As Linwood expressed his outrage for Lilah going over his head, she beheaded him with an electronically operated blade secretly installed in Linwood's chair. Linwood's head rolled onto the table and was promptly removed, via order from Lilah to Gavin.

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