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I'm ashamed to call you my son. A lay-about and a scoundrel. You'll never amount to anything more than that.
―Liam's father to his son.[src]

Liam's father was a silk and linen merchant from Galway in the 1750s.


Liam's father was a moderately wealthy silk and linen merchant who lived in Galway in the 1750s. He had a wife and two children; a son named Liam and a younger daughter half Liam's age named Kathy. His son was a source of great disappointment to him. Liam's father dismissed him as a layabout, who spent his days getting drunk and cavorting with women. Despite constantly berating his son, Liam's father does appear to have cared for him, as he tried to set his son straight and was visibly deeply wounded by his son accusing him of not caring about him.

His strained relationship with his son came to a head one day when Liam was returning from a night out. Upon being berated by his father once more, Liam snapped and angrily retorted that he was no more than what his father had turned him into, blaming his father's low expectations and lack of caring for his lifestyle and demeanour. Liam's father was visibly hurt by the accusations, and tried to reach out to his son, telling him that he had never been in his way. When Liam stormed out, his father angrily called out to him that if he went in search of trouble, he would surely find it, before slamming the door shut on the brink of tears. Liam's anger at his father and his wish to travel the world drove him into the arms of an exotic woman by the name of Darla that night. Unbeknownst to Liam, Darla was in fact a vampire, and she sired him on the spot, leaving his corpse on the street.
Laim's father-dead

Liam kills his own father

While everyone else at the funeral was in tears, Liam's father stood silently over the grave long after everyone else had left, weeping only when he was alone and departing only as night set. Later that night, Liam rose from his grave as a vampire and began feeding off the village, killing its inhabitants one by one before eventually arriving at his old home. His sister Kathy invited him in, naively believing him to have returned to her as an angel. Mocking his father's inadequacy in the face of his new vampiric strength, Liam smugly informed his father that he had made something of himself after all before proceeding to him. However, Darla ultimately deflated Liam, stating that in the end, Liam's victory over his father had lasted for minutes, whereas his father's victory over him would last for all of eternity, as he would never approve of his son.[1]


Angel's issues with his father continued long after the restoration of his soul. Angel once admitted to Buffy that he always wondered if his father was always like that, or if he merely made his father the way he was because of his failure as a son, although Buffy assured him that he could still be grateful to him for being his father if nothing else.[2]

When Angel Investigations took over the Los Angeles branch of Wolfram & Hart, Angel attempted to comfort Wesley, who was traumatized over having shot down a highly convincing cyborg duplicate of his father, by recounting how he murdered his own father, to little avail.[3]

When the demon Archaeus- the 'founder' of the Aurelius bloodline as the demon that turned The Master into a vampire- attempted to attack the world, it attempted to take control of Angel by appearing to him as an illusion of his father, playing on Angel's continued desire to win his father's approval, although Spike was able to help him ignore the vision and focus on the current fight.


Liam's father was a strict man, expecting his son to respect and obey him. He was relatively pious, and tried to teach his son to fear the lord. Despite this, Liam claimed to know that his father "had his fair share of sinning" in his youth.

Despite his very hard and disciplinary demeanour, Liam's father appears to have genuinely cared for his son. He desperately tried to correct what he felt was destructive and dangerous behaviour in his son the only way he knew how, in order to save him from meeting a bad end. He was visibly hurt when Liam tried to leave their house, and when Liam accused him of never seeing him as more than a failure.

After Liam's death, his father was racked by grief, and stood weeping at his son's gravesite long after the funeral had concluded, proving that he had truly loved his son.

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