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―Willow activating the Lethe's bramble[src]

Lethe's bramble was a flower used to augmenting spells of forgetting and mind control.[1] It was a key ingredient of a memory purge spell, which Willow Rosenberg performed twice.[2][3]


Willow first made Tara Maclay forget an argument between the two of them about Willow's excessive magic use.[2] However, Tara found the flower and searched its meaning on a book, discovering Willow had been erasing her memories.[1]

Willow then attempted to make Tara forget about her meddling again and also perform the spell on Buffy Summers to make her forget about her time in heaven. However, Willow left a bag of Lethe's bramble by the fireplace where she performed the spell, causing them to burn and make the whole Scooby Gang, including Willow herself, lose their long term memory until the crystal used in the spell was broken.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In Classical Greek, the word lethe (λήθη) literally means "oblivion," "forgetfulness," or "concealment." The name appears in Greek mythology as the river of forgetfulness in the underworld and as the personification of forgetfulness and oblivion.