Professor Lester Worth was a volcanologist residing in Sunnydale


Leading an expedition to Kauai, Worth found the remains of what he believed to be an unknown type of dinosaur. In fact, Worth had found the remains of a sorcerer who had become the embodimient of Olvikan, the same demon that Mayor Wilkins planned on becoming during the Ascension. Faith killed him on order of the Mayor, who wanted to conceal any evidence that after the Ascension he would become vulnerable.[1]

Despite describing himself as a lifelong bachelor, he had a daughter who visited his grave with flowers once a year. After the destruction of Sunnydale, she continued to bring them to the crater annually.[2]

Faith once asked Rupert Giles if it would be possible to resurrect Professor Worth or travel back in time to prevent him from dying, but Giles told her it was impossible.[2]

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