Leprechauns are fictional creatures, whose existence was believed by certain individuals who are supernaturally-aware. However leprechauns, in fact, do not exist.


  • Buffy Summers wonders if leprechauns exist. Rupert Giles answers that, as far as he knows, they do not.
  • Charles Gunn compares the appearance of Skench Demons to that of leprechauns. Syd Frzylcka chides him that leprechauns don't exist.
  • Charles Gunn wonders if Jacob Crane serves leprechaun pie during the buffets he hosts. Crane replies that leprechauns don't exist.

Behind the scenes

The non-existence of leprechauns is one of the Buffyverse's running jokes, taking into consideration that beings such as vampires, demons, werewolves, dragons, ghosts, trolls, gnomes, and witches do exist.


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