Leprechauns don't exist, son.
―Syd Frzylcka[src]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 010-005

Leprechauns were creatures resembling diminutive humans. They were believed to exist by certain individuals who were supernaturally-aware, while many others considered them to be a myth. However leprechauns, in fact, did exist.[1]

A drunk Leprechaun visited Buffy Summers concerning the new rules created by Slayer Handbook. He complained that ever since the restoration of magic, other magical beings have after his gold. A lephrecauns was also seen inside a pub in Magic Town.


  • Buffy Summers wondered if leprechauns existed. Rupert Giles answers that, as far as he knew, they did not.
  • Charles Gunn compared the appearance of Skench Demons to that of leprechauns. Syd Frzylcka chided him that leprechauns didn't exist.
  • Charles Gunn wondered if Jacob Crane served leprechaun souffle during the buffets he hosted. Crane replied that leprechauns didn't exist.

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