Leprechauns don't exist, son.
Syd Frzylcka[src]

Leprechaun were a supernatural species of fairies resembling diminutive humans. While they were believed to be a myth among many individuals who were supernaturally-aware, leprechauns in fact did exist.


In 1998, Buffy Summers wondered if leprechauns existed; Rupert Giles answers that, as far as he knew, they did not.[1] In 2002, Charles Gunn compared the appearance of Skench demons to that of leprechauns, and Syd Frzylcka chided him that leprechauns didn't exist.[2] In the following year, Gunn wondered if Jacob Crane served leprechaun souffle during the buffets he hosted, but Crane replied that leprechauns didn't exist.[3]

However, two occurrences involving leprechauns were known. A drunk leprechaun was one of the lobbyists that visited Buffy in her apartment concerning the new rules created by Slayer Handbook. He complained that, ever since the restoration of magic, creatures like banshees, brownies, and a dullahan were after his gold.[4] In the same year, a smaller leprechaun was seen entering Rory's Pub in Magic Town through a magical portal.[5]



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