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You know, I remember when the Lei-ach were a proud warrior race, not sneaking around hospitals looking for weak sickly types to suck the bone marrow from.

Lei-ach demon was a once proud warrior race of demons, but, by the early 21st century, they tended to prowl through places such as hospitals to feed on the bone marrow of the sick and weak. Lei-ach demons also spoke their own language, which consisted of growls and hisses.[1]


In October 2000, one Lei-ach broke into a locker room of the Sunnydale Memorial prowling after Ben. However, Glory captured the demon and forcibly hired him to assassinate Buffy.[1]

The demon, along with two other Lei-achs, attacked the Slayer and her friends at the Magic Box. During the fight, they were accidentally aided by a spell Tara had cast that made demons invisible to the Scooby Gang. Tara soon arrived to break the spell, which allowed Buffy to finish the last demon off.[1]


You've got the cutest little suppurating sores, did anyone ever tell you that?

Lei-ach demons were humanoid in form and had grayish white skin broken by red sores on the face, dark sunken eyes, and dark hair. They also had a black forked tongue.[1]



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