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Legends of Vishnu was a book kept in the Sunnydale High School library.[1][2]


In 1997, Rupert Giles used the book in his research on Marcie Ross's invisibility. It proved fruitless, though, when he discovered the ability had quantum mechanical causes instead of mystical.[1]

In June of the same year, the book was on the library's table among those used to research the Hellmouth's impending opening.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Based on the major deity and member of the Hindu trinity, the book likely details and chronicles Lord Vishnu. Some relevant aspects to Giles' research on invisibility include the description of Vishnu having an Uiversal Form (Vishvarupa), beyond the limits of human sense and perception. In another interpretation, Vishnu is also referred to as "A-Moortimaan," i.e., "Having no Form."
  • Despite the real theme, Legends of Vishnu is a strictly fictional book, as no publication has been titled as such.