The Buffybot: “School is where you learn.
Ms. Lefcourt: “Exactly. Parents let kids focus on school as a social experience, rather than a learning experience. We want you to get your kids as excited about education as they are about lunch hour-
The Buffybot: “I helped make lunch today.
— The Buffybot and Ms Lefcourt[src]

Ms. Lefcourt was a teacher at Dawn Summers's school.


She gave a presentation during Parent's Day where she asserted that the student's parents should have an active role in their children's education and encourage them to have as much enthusiastic in learning and have lunch. The Buffybot, posing as Dawn Summers' gaurdian raise her hand and made simple statements about what school is for and her role in helping Dawn prepare for school, such as making peanut and jelly sandwiches. This somehow alerted the attention of other parents who complained to Lefcourt about the quality of the food providing by the school.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • She was portrayed by Joy Demichelle Moore.

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