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Everybody should have a lawyer like this one.
"Little Tony" Papazian[src]

Lee Mercer was a lawyer at Wolfram & Hart who, alongside Lindsey McDonald and Lilah Morgan, worked under the supervision of Holland Manners.


It's my ass on the line here. I don't want you to make me look bad.
―Lee Mercer[src]

Lee Mercer was amongst the most promising Associates within Wolfram & Hart. He represented clients such as crime boss Tony Papazian, and, when he was unable to get Papazian, he arranged for Allen Lloyd to disturb the Los Angeles Police Department Metro Precinct. Mercer hoped that Papazian would take advantage of the chaos in order to escape. However, the criminal attempted to murder Detective Kate Lockley before witnesses. As Papazian had become a liability, Mercer was instructed by the Senior Partners to terminate Papazian's legal representation.

Months later, the vampire Angel ruined a case in which Mercer and McDonald represented a drug dealer by saving a witness. In order to assassinate Angel, Mercer planned on hiring rogue Slayer Faith Lehane. Lee and Lilah tracked her down and recruited her. However, during the meeting between Faith and the three lawyers, Mercer annoyed the Slayer and got beat up in return. However, Faith did not kill Angel and ended up under his protection. In danger of being made look like fools, the trio hired a demon assassin to eliminate Faith.

You've been in secret talks with Klein and Gabler.
―Holland Manners[src]

By this time, Mercer was already in secret talks with rival law firm Klein & Gabler and was planning on leaving Wolfram & Hart, taking several clients with him. However, he was exposed during one of Wolfram & Hart's loyalty sweeps. As a result, Mercer was executed by Phil, a security guard, under Holland's orders. Since he was killed within Wolfram & Hart's L.A. branch building, it's likely that after his death his soul was tortured by Matthias Pavayne before being sent to Hell.

Personality and Relationships[]

It's your people skills. You don't have any.
―Lilah Morgan[src]

Mercer's demeanor was generally cold and unfriendly, although he was on conversational terms with Lindsey McDonald. His relationship with Lilah Morgan was more antagonistic. He expressed an attraction to assassin Vanessa Brewer.

Behind the Scenes[]