Le Banc's men have spotted another nest. He's got business to finish. So do I.
―Nikki Wood[src]

Le Banc was an ancient vampire and crime boss whose appearance was starting to change to that of a demon. By the 1970's his ears were already pointy.

During a NYPD stakeout, Le Banc killed Li, a police officer and the lover of Nikki Wood, the Slayer. Le Banc was thought to be smuggling drugs but in fact was smuggling vampires.

The Slayer tracked down Le Banc to his apartment in Manhattan, where the vampire was hosting a party to unveil his latest import: a gigantic demon bat. Wood killed the bat, though Le Banc fled fled the city.

Le Banc fled to the Bahamas, where he continued his demon smuggling plans aboard a yacht.

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