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Laurent was the Watcher of Asha Sayre since 1944 until both of their deaths in 1956 in Port Buck, Florida.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In 1944, Laurent first met the then Potential Slayer Asha, finding the five-years-old by her father's hanged corpse. Laurent noticed the man had two punctures in his neck, indicating that he was killed by vampires from the Ku Klux Klan. Since then, Asha and the stoic Cajun woman lived together in a small house on the edge of the swamp by Port Buck.[1]

Laurent begun teaching Asha to fight at the age of 9, telling her at the time that it was for her own protection against their neighbors, as the girl was African American and the town was very much racially segregated. In 1954, the death of a Slayer activated Asha, so Laurent told her everything about Slayers and vampires.[1]

In 1956, minorities in Port Buck were mysteriously disappearing or otherwise fell victim to vampire attacks. Laurent gave some money to Asha to spent the night in town and investigate, and she returned with the information that vampires were planning to attack the African American prayer group the next night. Together, Laurent and Asha infiltrated the prayer group and discovered the town sheriff was the leader of the local vampires. They fought them to defend the humans of the church, until Asha held the sheriff at stake-point and threatened to kill him if he didn't stop the attack and let the survivors out. The vampires stayed and let the humans out, but it was revealed that the building was wired for explosives. Before the bomb detonated, Laurent told her Slayer: "Guess we're going on to Glory together."[1]

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