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Btvs The canonicity of this article's subject remains dubious. Though it doesn't contradict official continuity, it has not been referenced in any confirmed canonical material.

Laura Kay Weathermill was a Watcher who joined Angel Investigations after the Fall of Los Angeles.[1]


Laura was a research sorcerer with the Watchers Council for forty-seven years, and was the top of her department for eight of those years. However, she kept her appearance as a young woman. She wrote the book on Celestial Principalities and Powers of the Supernature, the recognized authoritative work on angels and their kind.[2] Laura acted in partnership with a Monasterenser magnaserm named Polyphemus,[1] described as the "ultimate library."[2]

After the Fall of Los Angeles, Laura began working in Los Angeles[1] and offered her services to Innovation Labs, which sought to create ensouled vampires out of celebrities and other rich clients. To infiltrate the institution, Laura argued that she forsook the good fight and worked for money instead.[3] Once alone with Polyphemus, Laura staked all their vampire clients[4] and killed those who had accepted the job to ensoul them. Laura met Angel and Illyria in their process of destroying Innovation Labs, and she invited herself into their agency as their new research and intelligence specialist.[1]

Once installed at the Hyperion Hotel, Laura confronted James about his deception regarding his true identity as a supposed angel, but he attacked her and escaped.[2] After Laura regained consciousness, albeit sidelined with a broken leg, Spike attempted to ask her about the precise nature of prophecies, such as whether they are ever explicit about anything. At that moment, Illyria was in "heat," which influenced Laura and Spike into nearly having sex despite they were not attracted to each other.[5]

When Liss (sent by James) were thought to be a client, Laura was the first to identify her as a soul eater and participated in her destruction.[6] Afterward, Laura and Polyphemus analyzed Spike to determine the truth of Liss' claims that he did not have a soul. She discovered that Spike did still have his soul, but he had been infected by Arcadia sum, a rare spiritual parasite, when he was revived as a ghost in Wolfram & Hart, and it was corrupting Spike's soul. Laura performed a ritual to remove the parasite.[7]

Laura joined the Angel Investigations team in their rescue mission for Connor against the Sisterhood of Jaro Hull.[8] Later, she and Connor visited Wolfram & Hart for information about James, learning that he was a god-level entity seeking to unleash a wave of demons on Earth.[9] Mr. Polyphemus died in the battle against James, sacrificing himself to save Laura from a blast a demon minion shot against her. Laura cried and noted that Polyphemus was the last of his kind and his death was a greater loss than James could know.[10] After Connor destroyed James, Laura devoted to reconstitute the library she lost with her friend's death.[11]

Powers and abilities[]

Though over fifty years old, Laura had the appearance of a young woman. She also had an extent knowledge on the supernatural,[2][6][7] fighting skills using firearms,[1][8][10] and spell-casting abilities.[11]