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One of many. Well… time was. Now I'm alone in the world.
―The Last Guardian[src]

An unidentified immortal woman was the last member of a group of known as the Guardians.


I'm as real as you are. Just… Well, let me put it this way — I look good for my age.
―The Last Guardian[src]

This woman was one of the Guardians who hid the mystical weapon , and kept waiting while she became the last Guardian.

In 2003, she revealed herself to Buffy Summers in a crypt originally from Africa, then placed in Sunnydale. During the encounter, the Last Guardian described the Guardians as those who sought to aid the Slayer, and secretly watched over the Shadow Men and their spiritual descendants, the Watchers Council.

She told Buffy as well the purpose of the Scythe, and identified herself as the one who had put the weapon in the rock it was found. She then warned Buffy that, if she used it wisely, perhaps she could defeat the rising dark — but, one way or another, its discovery could only mean an end is truly near. As she said this, she suddenly had her neck snapped by Caleb, to die after living millennia.[1]


Behind the scenes

  • She was portrayed by Christine Healy
  • The Last Guardian’s name is never addressed during episode "End of Days", simply credited as “Woman/Guardian”. 
  • She was the last character to be introduced in Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series.



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