"Last Gleaming, Part One" is the thirty-sixth issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight.


The issue begins with Angel, appearing some time in the past, in a portal in midair and crashing into the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, where he's contacted by a higher power, using a dog as a vessel. The power tells Angel that he's got a higher purpose, and after a short dialogue, Angel, using his new powers for the first time, flies and saves a plane form Oceanic Airlines from crashing. After leaving the plane in the ground he's contacted by the power, now in the body of a woman, who thanks him, and says that his new powers are a reward, and it made the Shanshu look like a bunch a' crap.

Some other time, Spike and a crew of giant bugs, appear from a portal in a flying ship, but crash into the Big Ben in London. While he drinks a coffee he reads in the newspapers the current situation of Slayers and vampires, with headlines like: "TERRORIST BUFFY SUMMERS," "SLAYER JIHAD," "HARMONY'S F@#%KING BEAUTY TIPS."

We see as the power contacts Angel through various vessels until he finishes the creation of his Twilight alias. Spike, on the other hand, hears from a woman the repercussion of "Twilight's resistance." When Twilight is filmed flying in Edinburgh, Spike has no trouble recognizing Angel.

In the present, Angel and Buffy are fighting in midair the new demons while discussing what happened between them and about Spike. Angel says that he does not trust Spike, his jealousy towards Spike over Buffy seen again. Buffy replies that she does not trust Angel but "you have my heart." She reminds Angel that Spike died saving her and her people. She also confesses to Angel that it was "the weirdest bestest weirdest best day of my life," that "what you have done for me, I can't describe, I can't pronounce. You gave me perfection and you gave it up. Jesus, Angel, that is not just the love of my life, that's the guy I would live it with." Then, Buffy asks Angel to leave since she wants to find out Spike's agenda and the Scoobies still have a grudge about Angel being Twilight. At the moment, Willow helps in the air fight, angrily transforming Angel into a frog for a moment. Knowing the possible reaction of the rest of the Scooby Gang Angel flies to help Slayers in the rest of the world while Buffy and Willow go with the rest. Before Angel leaves, he tells Buffy that "I got more powerful, not remotely mature. I will find you soon." To which Buffy replied "you better."

The Slayer Organization, Warren, Amy and the General flee using Spike's ship. In the ship, Buffy tells Spike she knew he was alive but didn't have time to contact him, and thanks him for saving her life from the Ubervamps and closing the Hellmouth. He informs her of the problems: a universe created by her and Angel and later abandoned by them, and demons pouring into our dimension, but tells them the solution: the The Seed of Wonder. He continued saying it was buried in the ruins of Sunnydale, and that they're heading there.

The Master, resurrected by unknown ways, is currently the protector of the Seed in the church where he was trapped years ago.




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Glorious leader to bug one…What happened to the wankers?
This is the weirdest, bestest, weirdest best day of my life. What you’ve done for me, I can’t describe. I can’t pronounce. You gave me perfection, and you gave it up. Jesus, Angel, that’s not just the love of my life. That’s the guy I would live it with.
―Buffy Summers
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