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Los Angeles went to hell. Every third person in Los Angeles is a screenwriter. Sooner or later, someone was going to write a movie about what happened. They could have gotten one fact correct. Just one.

Last Angel in Hell was a film based on the Fall of Los Angeles. It starred Nicholas Cage as Angel Cartwright, the heroic cop who saves Los Angeles when it is sent to hell. Though based on actual events, the film takes artistic license with some of the facts, such as its depiction of Spike as female, Lorne as a villain, and Charles Gunn as Angel's overweight sidekick.


  • Angel Cartwright - Played by Nicholas Cage and based on the real Angel. Whereas the real Angel was a vampire, temporarily turned human by the Senior Partners, the film version was a human cop.
  • Spike (a.k.a. Sara) - Played by an unknown actress and based on both the real Spike and Darla. Whereas the real Spike was male, and an ally and rival of Angel, the film version was female and Angel's primary love interest.
  • Gunn - Played by Jorge Garcia (Hurley from Lost) and based on the real Charles Gunn and Cordelia the dragon. Whereas the real Gunn was a black man, a vampire and significant enemy of Angel during the Fall of Los Angeles, the film version is Angel's humorous, overweight Hispanic sidekick. He was also cursed to transform into a dragon.
  • Fred - Played by an unidentified African American actress and an amalgamation of Winifred Burkle, Illyria and Gwen Raiden.
  • Wesley - Based on the real Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Angel's human police partner who is killed by vampires early in the movie. He returns at the end as a ghost, similar to the real Wesley.
  • OverLorne - Based on the real Lorne.
  • George - Angel's dog, loosely based on the real Betta George.
  • Satan - Angel's main antagonist.

A.I.'s reaction to the filmEdit

The Angel Investigations team had highly varying opinions and reactions to the film. For example, Angel was irritated and offended by the inaccuracy of the film- amazed that, even with all the screenwriters trapped in Hell during the events, so little of the film was accurate-, while Spike was amused that his film counterpart was a woman, reflecting that she was at least hot.


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