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Note: This article is about the Sunnydale High student. For other uses, see Larry.

Larry Blaisdell was a Sunnydale High School student and football athlete of the Sunnydale Razorbacks.[2]


A member of the football team, Larry was a jock who bullied Xander. During the Halloween of 1997, he bought a pirate costume from Ethan's Costume Shop which, via magic, made him become an actual pirate with rotten teeth and long, dirty hair. He went after Buffy to capture her, who could not defend herself since her personality was stuck in the 18th century because she wore a costume dress from that era. However, the newly army-trained Xander rescued her and beat Larry up.[3]

Larry would also constantly sexually harass female students, including Buffy, Willow, and Theresa Klusmeyer. In fact, he grabbed Buffy's behind when he had to hold onto her during a self-defense lesson. While Buffy initially choose to put on the façade as "a meek girly-girl" and pretend to find him immovable, she then used her strength to slam him into the ground.[4] Still, before Amy turned herself into a rat, she had hoped that he would ask her to the Senior Prom.[5]

In 1998, while investigating a series of werewolf attacks, Xander suspected it was Larry based on his talk about having been attacked by a huge dog the week before. Xander pressed Larry to confess it, saying that he had been through something similar himself. However, Larry interpreted Xander's indirect language to mean that Xander, like himself, was gay and in the closet. After confessing about his sexuality to Xander, Larry became relieved and acted generally nicer.[4] Despite his initial fear of admitting his secret, he was soon "so out" that even his grandma was fixing him up with guys.[1]

Larry helped the Scooby Gang gather explosives in preparation for the Graduation Day battle. He also fought against the newly-ascended Mayor Wilkins using a flame-thrower, but was killed when he was thrown through the air by a swing of the Mayor's massive tail, snapping his neck upon impact to the ground.[6]

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