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Landokmar "Landok" of the Deathwok Clan was demon a member of the Deathwok Clan and cousin of Lorne. Having been summoned into Los Angeles when Cordelia Chase accidentally created a portal to Pylea, he assisted Angel Investigations in eliminating a Drokken beast that had recently appeared in Caritas — forming a strong respect for Angel due to his defeat of the Drakken —, but was bitten during the fight and had to be sent back to Pylea to receive the antidote.[1]


Cordelia was drawn through the portal that took Landok back to Pylea along with him. Angel and Lorne then entered Pylea to recover her and visited Lorne's family; Landok initially praised Angel's bravery despite his "cow" status (Landok is at this point obviously oblivious that Angel is a Vampire or as they called in Pylea a Van-Tal) offering him ceremonial garments and the honor of swinging the Crebbil as part of the upcoming celebrations, enjoying his tales of his past exploits, such as how he "chopped off the evil lawyer-beast's hand" and "the sorcerer who could remove his limbs and reassemble at will."[2]

However, Angel refused to swing the Crebbil when he learned that the ceremony would involve him decapitating an innocent girl, and he flew the village with his would-be victim while Lorne provided a distraction. Landok subsequently came to the resistance to deliver a message from the Priests that ruled Pylea, along with Lorne's currently-decapitated head. However, Landok only refused to fight Angel for his rebellion because it would have been dishonorable to engage in combat while performing a sacred duty. Landok was later present when Angel and Lorne explained the new rules of Pylea to Lorne's mother.[citation needed]

Personality and traits[]

Landok grew up in a martial culture and seemed to have adopted the education from there. Angel won his respect when he killed a demon that Landok could not defeat. On the other hand, he despised his cousin Lorne because for refusing to be a warrior.[3]

Although he was not fundamentally evil, Landok did not question the values and traditions of his culture. So he considered it self-evident to want to kill Fred, because humans in Pylea were no more than "cows." However, Landok later allied with the humans. In and of itself, Landok was a good example of a demon who did not believe in evil but simply acted according to his cultivated values.[citation needed]

Powers and abilities[]

Landok had superhuman strength and resilience. It was no problem for him to overwhelm two armed humans, and he also earned a reputation as a strong warrior.[citation needed]

Like Lorne, Landok also had the ability to empathy. However, he used it in a different way; while Lorne read songs to reveal the individual's destiny, Landok followed his prey with this ability.[4]

Behind the scenes[]