You might not know it now, looking at me with a couple extra pounds, but back then I was quite the guy.
―Lance Brooks[src]

Lance Brooks was a Sunnydale High student and the older brother of R.J. Brooks. According to Xander, he was was a big jock at Sunnydale High, who used to stick chewing gum in his hair. Four years later, Xander and Spike visit him in order to determinate the cause of the superrnatural seduction of R.J.

Lance told Xander that before R.J. joined the football team, he was really into "geek stuff" like comic books and Model UN, suggesting that he was more intelligent than he appeared. He also enjoyed writing poetry, showing a more sensitive side. The implication was that after getting his enchanted jacket, the women constantly fawning over him changed him from "geek" to "jock". Ironically, Lance was becoming the same, working in the management program at the Pizza Barn and living with his mother.

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