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She was... she was my love... she danced.... for me...
―Count Kurskov[src]

Count Kurskov was the owner of the Blinnikov World Ballet Corps. Sometime prior to 1890, Kurskov became obsessed with one of his female dancers and believed that she loved him and danced for him alone. The dancer fell in love with another man, Stefan. The two met secretly, fearing the repercussions of Kurskov if he ever found out about their relationship.

Eventually Kurskov found the two together. As a result, he went insane with jealous rage and pulled the girl out of time, out of any reality beyond his theater, his company. He swore she would dance for him forever and the spell he cast did just that... keeping her and all the other dancers' souls bound to his personal realm within the company, cursed to dance not only the same play for all eternity, but the exact same performance.

As Angel searched for the Count's power center, he found the prima ballerina waiting in the wings, resigned to perform the same dance for the rest of eternity (To the point that she tripped slightly at the same point in the dance every night). Angel told her that to break the magic holding her prisoner, she had to change the dance. She danced on stage using her own steps. Angel attacked the Count, guessed his power center was in a medallion the count wore, and smashed it with a powerful punch, finally releasing the ballet dancers from the spell.

Kurkov's magics were a product of his power center.

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