We have not been been properly introduced. My name is Kumiko Ishihara. Daughter of Kazuo.
―Kumiko Ishihara[src]

Kumiko Ishihara was a Japanese vampire and a powerful witch. She had been trained by the demon sorceress Aluwyn and was part of Toru's pack.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Kumiko was with Toru and Raidon at the Slayer Organization command center in Scotland to rob the , flying away with the weapon.[2] In Tokyo, she used the scythe to activate the device used in a trap against Aiko, successfully removing her Slayer powers. After this test, she proposed it was time to apply the technology in global scale.[3]

During the fight against the Slayer Organization, she went after Willow Rosenberg, introducing herself while trying to kill her. She revealed to be following Willow's ascension for a long time and was also Aluwyn's student. While falling from a building with the witch, she was fatally stabbed by Buffy Summers with a knife and disappeared in the sky.[4]

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

Or did you think you were Saga Vasuki's only student? We speak the same language, you and I.
―Kumiko to Willow[src]

Kumiko had the common abilities and handicaps of vampires, as well, for a time, the shapeshifting powers of Dracula, allowing her to transform into mist, as well as different animals such as panthers, wolves, bats and a swarm of bees.

Besides her vampire powers, Kumiko was also a powerful witch, having been trained by the demonic Aluwyn. She was capable of flying and performing a number of powerful spells and rituals.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Kumiko Ishihara was dubbed by Michelle Wong in the Season Eight Motion Comic.
  • Although she never appeared or was mentioned after Buffy stabbed her, Kumiko couldn't have died because of this. As a vampire, a knife in the back isn't fatal, and she wasn't dusting in the following panel.[4] It's possible that the injury made her not survive the fall, dying with the impact, but it'd be just a speculation.
  • About the possibility of her death, editor Scott Allie has declared it's purposeful uncertain: “When doing a comic like this, it's always good to leave some things open. You'll have to wait and see if Kumiko is dead or not, and you might have to wait for another Season to ever find out. Wiiiiiide open.”[5]

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