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I am Kr'ph, Lord of Westwood! Dark overseer of everything west of Beverly Hills! This is my domain!

Kr'ph was one of the demon lords ruling an area of Los Angeles after the city was sent to hell by the Senior Partners of Wolfram & Hart. His domain was located on Westwood.


Kr'ph was a bottom feeder to begin with. How'd he become a Lord in the first place?

Kr'ph was considered a bottom-feeder amongst the demon community, but following the fall of Los Angeles, he seized an amulet known as the Eye of Ramras and, thanks to it, rose to power, becoming one of the Demon Lords of Los Angeles. Kr'ph took control of a small band of demonic minions, and also held Betta George as a prisoner, using his telepathic powers to his benefit. Like many of his fellow Lords, Kr'ph held in his power a number of human slaves, which he employed as a harem, in the case of the women, and gladiators, in the case of the males.

When he was attacked by Charles Gunn and his team, Kr'ph hoped to make a deal with him in exchange for his life, as Gunn and his people killed all of Kr'ph's demon servants. However, Gunn sought the Eye of Ramras, which Kr'ph held inside his body, and thus he killed Kr'ph by ripping it out of his body with his bare hands.

However, when the Senior Partners performed a temporal fold to resurrect Angel, Kr'`ph was resurrected as well. Like the rest of the Los Angeles population, he kept the memories of his time in hell, including his own death.

During a fight with Spike and Betta George, Kr'ph warned him that Angel's end was coming, for which the blond vampire kidnapped him. After being interrogated by Spike and Angel, Kr'ph confessed that the rest of the demon lords wanted revenge and that they would go after the weakest of Angel's comrades.

Personality and traits[]

I was a Lord in the Hell moment!

Kr'ph had the appearance of a red-eyed, humanoid skeleton covered in transparent, blueish goo. He was also prone to employing big words when talking, often misusing them.


He had the Eye of Ramras [...] Amplifies power. Explains how Kr'ph was able to step up.

The full extent of Kr'ph's powers is unknown, though they were augmented by the Eye of Ramras and allowed him to enhance the powers of Betta George.