The Key is the link... the link must be severed... such is the will of God
―Knights of Byzantium motto[src]

The Knights of Byzantium are a military order composed by both knights and clerics. Sworn enemies of Glorificus, they come into conflict with Buffy and the Scooby Gang because of their attempts to kill Buffy's sister, Dawn, as they are fanatically devoted to destroy the Key to prevent it from falling in Glory's hands.

To demonstrate their allegiance to the order and their rank within it, they bear tattoos on their foreheads. The Knights seem to have a preference for wearing twelfth century clothing and armor, and using medieval weapons. Their main threat lies in quantity, where a steadily increasing number will show up, and zealous, unreasoning behavior. They also seem to be religious fanatics, as they believe that kiling Dawn is the will of God, and their Clerics appear to be Christian Ministers.
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Known members


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