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The Key is the link. The link must be severed. Such is the will of God.
―Knights of Byzantium motto[src]

The Knights of Byzantium were a military order composed by both knights and clerics[1] devoted to their mission of destroying the Key. Sworn enemies of Glorificus and her demon minions,[2][3] the brotherhood came into conflict with Buffy Summers[2] and the Scooby Gang because of their attempts to assassinate the Slayer's sister, Dawn.[1]


The brotherhood of the Knights of Byzantium was described as "an ancient order"[2] that had extended for "countless generations." They sought the Key to prevent it from falling in Glory's hands and pledged to destroy it. Around the same time the Knights began to look for the Key, the monks from the Order of Dagon sought to preserve and defend the Key. The Knights failed to get to the Key before the Order and thus sought the new form the monks had shaped.[1]

In the early 2000, the Knights located the Key to Sunnydale. Although they did not know what the Key had become, they knew it had been sent to the Slayer for protection. The Knights sent a few of their members to attack the Slayer, but Buffy[2] and Glory[3] thwarted their attempts on different confrontations. The Knights claimed that they could send thousands of men if needed.[2]

One of the knights, Orlando, was captured, tortured and consumed by the hell-goddess, causing him to be mentally unstable.[3] Dante Chavalier and other men took Orlando from the mental ward back into their ranks. When Orlando revealed the Key was a human girl, General Gregor declared ending the conflict and mobilized an army of fifty men present in Sunnydale.[1]

The Scoobies, who were fleeing town, used a Winnebago motor home for transport. The Knights tracked them down using a contingent of men mounted in horses. In the ensuing battle, the cavalry took down the trailer and critically injured Giles at the price of six men. The Scoobies were forced to take shelter in a deserted gas station, where the Knights renewed their attacks. They were close to breaking open the barricade set up by the Scoobies until Willow cast a force field spell to stop their attacks.[1]

Inside the force field, Gregor was captured and taken hostage. Meanwhile, Dante called on the order's clerics to bring down the wall. Buffy attempted to negotiate with the Knights in allowing Ben to attend to the wounded Giles. However, Ben lost control and changed into Glory, who killed Greg and escaped, killing the remaining Knights camped outside within a few seconds.[1]


The Knights considered themselves to be devout and believed they were doing God's will.[3][1] They looked down on witches and called them infidels. They followed their motto regardless of the Key taking a human form. Dante killed his brother-in-arms Orlando to put him out of his misery.[1]

The Knights considered each other to be brothers. To demonstrate their allegiance to the Knights and their rank within it, they bore tattoos on their foreheads. They were led by a general, who commanded the entire army's actions.[1]


Archers of the Knights of Byzantium.

They had a preference for wearing twelfth century clothing and armor and for using medieval weapons. The knights wielded various weapons, although most of them fought with close-combat weapons such as a sword, axes, and flails. Some knights acted as archers, using crossbows, longbows, and flaming arrows to attack from range. Other knights were mounted on horses and acted as the cavalry. The order also employed clerics to work spells and incantations.[1]

Known members[]