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Legend says the Kleynach came up from their demon world, raped and pillaged the villages of man, and all who fought them were incinerated, whether they struck with fist or sword.

Kleynach demons were a powerful and widely feared demon species of reptilian appearance. Many demons who were unable to enter earth in their true forms, such as the Senior Partners, incarnated as Kleynachs because these demons did not have to rely on being conjured or brought forth to enter a dimension, instead they wore an artifact known as the Band of Blacknill, which allowed the wearer to teleport across dimensions at will.

In 2002, an unidentified Senior Partner manifested as a Kleynach for the 75 Year Review of the Wolfram & Hart Los Angeles Branch.

Appearance and powers[]

Kleynach. Lotta dark entities use the form of a Kleynach to manifest because a Kleynach doesn't have to rely on being conjured or brought forth. They can come and go as they please with that ring...

Kleynachs could be recognized by their taloned hands, lipless mouths, tusks, fangs and red eyes. They were tall by human standards and hid their features in red robes.

Besides their ability to move between dimensions, Kleynachs were immune to most forms of physical harm and presumably had some sort of flame-based power, according to Denver. However, they were vulnerable to a legendary Holy Glove, which could destroy a Kleynach simply by grabbing it.