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A game of kitten poker.

Oh god, what is it with you guys? Why kittens? Why can't you just use money like everybody else?
Buffy Summers[src]

Kitten poker was a card game demons played in which they would gamble live kittens.[1]


In 2001, Buffy accompanied Spike in a game of kitten poker in the backroom of The Lounge Room bar to investigate her recent attacks. He took the place of a demon he expelled and won the game, but the others suspected of his luck. However, Spike pointed out that one demon had x-ray vision, while Clem had a card visibly tucked in his loose skin. The last demon then told Spike to leave his winnings and get out before things could "get ugly." Before leaving, Buffy tipped the basket over, letting the kittens scatter and escape.[1]

In the same year, the loan shark Bro'os enforced his bodyguards against Spike for owing him forty Siamese kittens. Spike asked for more time, but Bro'os noted that time was what turned "kittens into cats." After an amnesic Scooby Gang defeated all his bodyguards, Bro'os proposed he forgive Spike's debt, but the vampire promised he would still pay him.[2]

Clem, Xander, Spike, and Tara played poker during Buffy's birthday party; Clem commented it was "weird" without the kittens, which Buffy did not allow.[3]

After the existence of the supernatural was revealed to humanity, the game was abolished, considered both illegal and bad for public image. However, Spike caught a group of demons who secretly continued to play kitten poker at the Suppurating Sore Social Club, and he rescued the eight kittens that would be gambled.[4]