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Kishi Minomoto was the Slayer called in the year 980, active in Japan.


Kishi was a brave girl born into the noble Minomoto warrior clan. When she was fifteen, Kishi was suddenly called to serve as a lady in waiting for the Great Lady Ankimon-in. Her summoner, the priest Bennin, claimed to be her watcher and informed her of her duty as a Slayer, teaching her information concerning the demons around her. She was then sent to the Great Lady, where she would be called Lady Shobu.

Kishi did her best to locate and slay the demons surrounding the palace. When she requested assistance from her watcher, Bennin took her to a dragon and revealed to her that he was actually Migoto, a vampire and brother of the real Bennin, and had been sacrificing Slayers to the dragon to maintain his immortal life.

The dragon promised to offer the same he had done to the previous Slayer: take her in her time of death to the undersea palace of the Dragon King, the destiny of chosen heroes. Kishi was able to stake Migoto and the dragon faded away. At this moment, Lady Ankimon-in arrived so Kishi told everything to her. In turn, the Great Lady revealed that she was the watcher of the past Slayer and intended to request to be Kishi's watcher as well. As she was left alone, Kishi cried for her future of only having the night to be free.[1]



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The Slayer,
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