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Kingman's Bluff was a cliff in Sunnydale overlooking the Pacific ocean[1] and the town itself.[2]


In Christmas Eve, 1998, Angel went to the Bluff and waited for the sun to come up in an attempt to commit suicide to escape the torment of the First Evil. Buffy went there to prevent his death, until the two witnessed together a snowfall on the previously warm Sunnydale.[2]

Four years later, Willow went to the same spot to unearth the Temple of Proserpexa, which had been swallowed by an earthquake in 1932, to bring forth an apocalypse. She also attacked Xander, who had been there to support her until the literal end of the world, but his sacrifice instead appealed to her emotions, bringing her back from her dark magic spiral.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Both appearances of the cliff were filmed at the Angels Gate Park, at 3601 Gaffey Street, in San Pedro.