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King Richard's Faire was a wandering Renaissance Faire led by a warlock who called himself King Richard the Lion Heart and his second in command, another warlock who called himself Robin Hood.

Members[edit | edit source]

The "king" of the Faire was King Richard the Lion Heart, who was aided by his faithful friend, Robin Hood.

The Faire's performers were human dark magicians and demons. They also magically kidnapped and enslaved humans, like runaway teenagers, and other humans who discovered what they were. They used these slaves as serving wrenches and other laborers and were abusive to them, such as ridiculing and beating Roland when he made mistakes. They also locked up some in stocks and encouraged the crowd to throw tomatoes and cabbages at them. The crowd believed it was all part of the show.

The members of the Faire talked with an old-timey stereotyped accent, using "thee," "thou," and "ye."[1]

The Faire[edit | edit source]

A mobile troupe, the fair had an ornate wooden sign at the entrance that read "KING RICHARD'S FAIRE," which was decorated with real flowers. It was organized in several lanes of booths shaped like cottages or little castles and various tents. They sold a variety of items, like full-period costumes and jewelry to chain mail and fantasy chess sets. They did not have a refund policy on items once they had been bought. They had a variety of events, such as belly dancing shows, jousting, and human chess. They served barbequed poultry, like Ye Old Turkey Leg, Ye Ribs of Pig, and meat pies. They also sold soda and beer.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

In the summer of 1999, the Faire set up outside of Sunnydale. They also found Roland, the son of the Erl King Hern the Hunter, who had run away from the Wild Hunt. They discovered he was a homunculus. As his magical heritage amplified their spells, they did not want to lose them. Doing this, however, earned the wrath of Hern the Hunter, who began to hunt them to get his son back.

The Slayer Buffy Summers helped Roland escape, but, in the following night, the Faire members tracked him to her house and stole him back. Soon after, Buffy returned to the Faire to retrieve Roland, fighting and defeating several of the Faire's members, killing a few. They were interrupted by an attack by the dark faeries, which took Roland and killed all the people of the Faire except King Richard and Robin.[1]

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