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Kimberly was a student at Hemery High School and, along with Jennifer and Cassandra, one of Buffy Summers's friends in Los Angeles.[1]


Kimberly was in the movies with Buffy and Jennifer talking about a history test she had cheated off Buffy. Pike and Benny threw popcorn on them to stop the girls from talking during the film.[1]

On another night, Kim, Buffy, Jennifer, and Cassandra ate in a diner while discussing the theme of the upcoming school dance. Buffy proposed "the environment," and Kim pointed out the homeless as an immediate threat to the world environment. Kim also questioned the necessity to invite all students to the dance, suggesting the creation of a "Maryanne clause" so they could exclude Maryanne Heinel, who Kim considered a "scud." The group met Pike and Benny again, and Kim noted they were drunk.[1]

After the vampire king Lothos killed Cassandra, Kim told Jennifer that her body was found by the railway tunnels, so people thought Cassandra had been involved in some illegal activity like drug dealing. Upon Buffy's burst of violence against Andy, who was to grope the Slayer,[2] Kim commented with Jennifer that maybe Buffy had been a commando in a previous life and hadn't been able to move on. She also agreed with Jennifer's opinion that Buffy could be "bipolar, paranoid, manic-depressive looney."[3]

Kim and Jennifer were decorating the school gymnasium for the dance when Buffy arrived late to help them. Kim asked about her strange behavior, so Buffy began explaining that she met a guy. Buffy was referring to her recently deceased Watcher, Merrick, but Kim and Jennifer rushed to the conclusion that Buffy was having an affair. Buffy then questioned if they hadn't noticed the strange death and disappearances, but Kim noted that Buffy was missing cheerleading and the dance committee. Buffy answered that it was just a stupid dance, which offended Kim and Jennifer. Before leaving her, Kim told Buffy that she didn't need to drag them into her "wiggins" and should spend "a little time prioritizing."[3]

In the dance, Kim feigned ignorance when Buffy asked about her boyfriend Jeffrey, who had gone instead with Jennifer. A group of vampires arrived at the doors and threatened the partygoers; Kim had invited some of them in because they were seniors. The vampires asked for Buffy, and Kim was among the students who agreed on sending her out so Buffy would be the only one to die. Buffy went out in her own accord and fought the vampires, but others jumped through the windows into the gym. Pike staked a vampire that went after Kim, and she broke a chair at Benny when he was attacking Gary Murray. She ran away with the survivors through a tunnel beneath the school.[3]

Sometime later, Kim and Jennifer gossiped with other friends by the pool, listing what they heard about Buffy after the Slayer was expelled from school.[3]

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