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An unidentified clown was a magical construct manifesting one of Alexander Harris's childhood fears.


Xander's fear was created during his sixth birthday. In the party, a clown chased him and he became so frightened that he had what could be assumed an embarrassing accident.[1]

In 1997, during Billy Palmer's nightmarish manifestations of all Sunnydale residents, Xander found a trail of chocolate bars in Sunnydale High School. The clown then appeared from behind a curtain, chasing Xander with a knife while laughing. Xander teamed up with Willow Rosenberg and Rupert Giles and decided to confront the clown, finally punched him and calling him "lousy".[1]

When Billy finally woke up, the clown disappeared along with all other magical constructs under the boy's effect.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • This character is a possible reference to It (1986), the horror novel in which an entity exploits the fears and phobias of its victims, appearing primarily in the form of a clown.




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