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Btvs This article is about a subject whose real name is unknown, being identified only by a title, nickname, or alias.

A man was a kiddy league coach who put Billy Palmer in a coma after their team lost a game.[1]


After the coach's kiddy league team lost a game, he blamed Billy and beat the boy into a coma for it. The coach told him it was his fault that they lost, so the boy believed it.[1]

Billy astral projected out of his coma and brought the nightmare world with him. His fear of the coach manifested as the "Ugly Man," a disfigured creature with massive strength and a club-shaped arm. Buffy defeated the manifestation, and helped Billy regain consciousness by assuring Billy it wasn't his fault and that he didn't need to hide from the Ugly Man anymore.[1]

At that moment, the coach visited Billy in the hospital and was surprised to see the boy awake again. When he called Billy "Lucky Nineteen" as the monster had done, the Scooby Gang realized what had happened. The coach tried to flee the room, but Xander and Giles apprehended him. He was soon put in jail.[1]

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