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The monks at the verge of completing the ritual.

This ritual was performed by monks of the Order of Dagon sometime late in the year 2000 in order to provide a different form for the Key. The result was a powerful warping of reality that transformed the Key, a mystical formless energy, into a human being named Dawn Summers. It created false memories for Dawn herself, and also on other people that were close to her, whether by familial or social ties.

The ritual required at least three monks with several components like amulets and candles. Concentration was important in completing the ritual, although it was finished by the monks in only a matter of seconds. It was revealed that the monks used the blood of Buffy Summers in giving life to Dawn. The monks chose to send the Key to the Slayer in the form of a younger sister so that the Slayer will do everything in her power to protect the Key.


Despite being powerful, the ritual was not infallible. Other spells like Tirer La Couverture could allow the caster negate the reality warping effect of the ritual. Additionally, beings who were out of reality, or those suffering from mental disorders, could bypass the effects of the spell and see Dawn only as mystical light.

After the destruction of the Seed of Wonder and the end of magic, the ritual that created Dawn began to break down, resulting in Dawn becoming weak and fading away while people began to lose their memories of her. This was eventually prevented before Dawn could cease to exist when a new Seed was created, although Dawn was restored reverted to her original teenage level of emotional maturity, even as she retained her old memories.


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