This article is about the Key in its original form, see Dawn Summers for information on the being into which the Key was transformed

The Key is the link. The link must be severed. Such is the will of God.
―Lithany of the Knights of Byzantium[src]

The Key is an ancient mystical energy with the power to unlock the gates between all existing dimensions. Who, when or why it was created is unknown, though in the XII Century, the Order of Dagon was founded by Tarnis in order to protect it. Meanwhile, the Knights of Byzantium sought to destroy the Key so its destructive power would never be unleashed.

In 2001, fearing that Glorificus would use the Key, the surviving monks of the Order of Dagon transformed the Key into Dawn Summers with the hope that the Slayer would keep it safe.

After the events of "The Gift", it is heavily implied that the Key no longer exists, and Dawn is a true human now.


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