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Kevin: “I heard you, like, had a freak out and cut yourself.
Dawn: “Not even. That was a whole... that was so...
Kevin: “I've felt like that sometimes. Things get so crazed, you know, I just wanna... do something extreme.
— Kevin Berman and Dawn Summers[src]

Kevin Berman was a student at Dawn Summers' junior high.



Kevin attends art class

Kevin Berman was at Dawn's art class and after hearing about her freak-out at home, he called her "freaky", which Dawn perceived as him calling her a freak. She hid in the bathroom to sob, with her friend Lisa as her sole confidante.

During art class, Dawn sat beside him, and they talked. Dawn, tried to impress him and denied the allegations about her "suicide attempt", but he explained to her that he understood that life could be hard sometimes as well as the impulse to do something extreme, hinting he might have also engaged in self-harm.

Just as Dawn was telling him an amusing, if not embarrassing, anecdote about Kirstie, the junior high's counterpart to Cordelia Chase, Dawn was interrupted by her older sister Buffy, who took her outside of class, where she informed her of their mother's demise. Inside the classroom, Kevin witnessed Dawn bursting into tears, looking on her sympathetically.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by J. Evan Bonifant.