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The only thing less trustworthy than a thricewise is a guy.
―Xander Harris[src]

Ken (also known as Kenny) was a Thricewise - a shapeshifting, molusk-like demon species - and boyfriend of Dawn Summers at Berkeley University. After she cheated on him, he placed a curse on her which caused her to undergo a series of magical transformations.


I'm sorry I cast a spell on you turned you into a giant, a centaur, and a creepy porcelain doll.
Human kenny

Kenny in human form.

Dawn dated Kenny about two months, although Buffy, Leah and Giles (who only met him on the phone) warned her that he was a "Thricewise". Dawn described him as "really good: he was sweet, and romantic, and he didn't push..." He apparently disappeared after Dawn grew to giant size, which Buffy believed to be a side-effect of losing her virginity. Dawn finally revealed to Xander that she never slept with Kenny like she had told everyone. She had in fact lost her virginity to Kenny's college roommate, Nick.

As it turned out, Dawn's transformations were caused by a spell placed on her by an enraged Kenny. He was confronted by Willow Rosenberg and a group of Slayers after Andrew Wells, posing as an applicant for the vacancy in Kenny's dorm room, placed many totems around the room, teleporting all of the contents of the room to Slayer HQ. Kenny escaped and travelled to Scotland, were he saved Buffy from a barrage of arrows laced with a sleeping agent. The two found Dawn, now having transformed into a living doll, in the home of an old doll maker. Seeing Kenny, Dawn apologized, breaking his spell and transforming back to human form. After defeating the dollmaker, Kenny and Dawn had a talk in the sunrise, where Dawn revealed that she indeed loved Kenny but was afraid. They both apologized for their actions, Kenny revealing that he would have lifted the curse before Dawn transformed into a fire slug, and the two went their separate ways.

Appearance and traits[]


Kenny and Dawn's photograph

In human form, Kenny appeared as a young caucasian male with straight blond hair and blue eyes.