The keeper will not be forthcoming. Only with its last breath will it divulge the true name of the Blessed Devourer.
Guardian of the Word[src]

The Keeper of the Name was a demon belonging to the species that loved Jasmine first in another dimension. He dwelled at the Blessed Devourer's Most Blessed Temple and was guarded by the Guardian of the Word, presumably to not allow him to leave the Temple or divulge the true name of Jasmine.

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Only with his last breath would he utter the Blessed Devourer's true name, of which only he had knowledge. To prevent him from saying Jasmine's name, his lips were sewn shut, thus allowing Angel to behead the demon and then bring his head back to earth in order to make it pronounce Jasmine's name and break her hold over the Los Angeles population. The name comes out as a high-pitched whisper with many tremors. It sounded as though it contained only vowels (a,i,o,u,e).

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Physiology[edit | edit source]

Unlike the common members of his species, the Keeper of the Name had two legs instead of four. He was also extremely tall, muscular and strong.

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