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Katrina Silber[1] was a tech student and Warren Mears' ex-girlfriend.[2]


Relationship with Warren[]

Katrina went to the Tech College in Dutton, where she met Warren in an engineering seminar. According to him, she was "unpredictable" and always giving him "a hard time," which drew Warren to her, along with her construction of miniature monorails that ran on magnets.[2]

Warren and Katrina went to Sunnydale for Spring Break in 2001, staying with Warren's mother. It was around this time that April — a robot Warren had created and abandoned when he met Katrina — arrived. Katrina quickly became suspicious and confronted April to tell her that Warren was her boyfriend; April attacked Katrina by holding her so hard she became unconscious. When she regained consciousness, she witnessed Buffy fighting the robot after Warren convinced her to release Katrina. Disgusted by Warren's actions, Katrina left him.[2]


You bunch of little boys playing at being men? Well, this is not some fantasy! It's not a game, you freaks! It's rape!

In February 2002, Warren attempted to get Katrina back by using the cerebral dampener, an artifact capable of manipulating the mind of its target. Warren approached Katrina at a bar and used the device to make her lose all free will and became a slave for him and his friends in the Trio. They dressed Katrina in a French maid outfit and had her address them as "master." Warren decided that he had "first dibs" on Katrina; he made her kiss him and get on her knees while repeatedly telling him: "I love you, master."[1]

Katrina broke out of the dampener's spell and, enraged and upset, informed the Trio that what they were doing was rape. She threatened them with prison and told Warren: "Then we'll see how you like getting raped!" Katrina tried to leave the basement, fighting Andrew and Jonathan off when they tried to hold her. Warren fought her in the staircase and she scratched his face. He then hit Katrina on the back of the head with a broken bottle, killing her.[1]

The Trio got rid of her body by summoning Rwasundi demons to manipulate time, confusing Buffy and making her think she had killed Katrina while trying to fight demons. The Sunnydale Police Department ruled her death as suicide; Buffy heard when they identified the body and connected her with Warren.[1]

She later appeared in a vision Willow to torment Warren after she realized that Tara was not his first victim. In the vision, Katrina was angry with Warren and suggested she should have killed him before he killed her.[3]

Behind the scenes[]