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Katrina Silber was Warren Mears' ex-girlfriend.


Meeting Warren []

Katrina went to the Tech College in Dutton where she met Warren Mears in an engineering seminar and they soon fell in love with each other. It was Katrina's unpredictable and brash nature that drew Warren to her, along with her construction of miniature monorails that ran on magnets.

Breaking up with Warren []

Katrina: “Is that your girlfriend?!
Warren: “She wasn't just for sex!
— Katrina discovers Warren's dark past.[src]


Warren and Katrina went to Sunnydale for Spring Break in 2001, staying with Warren's mother.

It was around this time that April — a lovebot created by Warren that he abandoned when he met Katrina — arrived. Katrina quickly became suspicious and confronted April to tell her that Warren was her boyfriend; April attacked Katrina by holding her so hard she became unconscious. When she regained consciousness, she witnessed Buffy Summers fighting the robot after Warren convinced her to release Katrina. Disgusted by Warren's actions, Katrina left him then after.

Death []

You bunch of little boys playing at being men? Well, this is not some fantasy! It’s not a game, you freaks! It’s rape!
―Katrina makes her victimization clear to the Trio. [src]

A year later, Warren attempted to get Katrina back by using the Cerebral Dampener, the mystical equivalent to the date rape drug. Warren approached Katrina at a bar and used the device to make her lose all free will and became a “willing” sex slave for him and his friends. They dressed Katrina in a French maid outfit and had her address them as "master". Because Warren still had feelings for Katrina, he decided that he had first dibs and made her get on her knees after repeatedly uttering “I love you, master”. However, Katrina broke out of the Dampener’s spell before anything could happen. Enraged and upset, Katrina informed the Trio that what they were doing was rape, and threatened them with prison before turning to Warren and adding, “Then we’ll see how you like getting raped!”

When she tried to leave his mother’s basement, Katrina fell on the staircase in the commotion and was killed when Warren hit her on the back of the head with a champagne bottle.

The Trio got rid of her body by summoning Rwasundi Demons to manipulate time, confusing Buffy Summers and making her think she had killed Katrina while trying to fight demons. The Trio almost got away with it, but Buffy found out the identity of the body and connected her with Warren.

She later appeared as a spirit summoned by Willow Rosenberg when she was Dark Willow to torment Warren after she realized that Tara Maclay was not his first victim. Katrina was understandably angry with Warren, and suggested that she should have killed him before he killed her. It’s unknown if this was an actual ghost or illusion created by Willow.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • She was portrayed by Amelinda Embry.


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