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Note: This article is about the Buffy's roomate. For the Liam's sister, see Kathy.

I just know that this whole year is gonna be super fun!
―Kathy to Buffy[src]

Kathy Newman was a 3000 year old Mok'tagar demon who disguised herself as a human so that she could attend UC Sunnydale.[1]


Kathy shared a room with Buffy Summers at the beginning of freshman year,[2] and the pair quickly grew annoyed by each other. Kathy would play the Cher song "Believe" over and over again, while being especially difficult about Buffy's phone usage. Buffy's dislike toward Kathy eventually grew into an obsession, causing Buffy to become convinced that Kathy was a demon and take extreme measures such as stealing her toenails so that they could be inspected for anything suspicious.[1]

BtVS KathyCallLog

Kathy in her human disguise

It ultimately transpired that Kathy was indeed a demon, and that Buffy's aggression was a side-effect of having her soul gradually stolen over several nights. Kathy was doing so because her parents were coming to force her to return to her dimension and they would take whichever girl in the room didn't have a soul.[1]

Due the efforts of Rupert Giles and Willow Rosenberg, however, the portions of Buffy's soul which Kathy had earlier stolen were restored while the two were in the middle of a fight. Immediately after the transfer was completed, Kathy's father Taparrich found her and forcibly took Kathy back with him.[1]

With Kathy's departure, Willow, having been experiencing her own roommate problems, moved in with Buffy.[1]


Kathy's unusual activities included measuring pencils after sharpening them to make sure that they were the same length and labeling all of her food with her name. She had a constantly cheerful attitude, using phrases like "super" and "what the blizzard". Kathy was a fan of Cher, Madonna, Whitney Houston, and Céline Dion. Also, according to Parker Abrams, she was a closet hockey fan.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

Buffy was right. Kathy's toenails not only keep growing after they've been cut, they actually regenerate if they're destroyed.
―Rupert Giles[src]

As a Mok'tagar demon, Kathy had the ability to drain the soul of humans through the Ritual of Mok'tagar. She also had regenerative abilities, demonstrated when her toenails kept growing even after being cut, as well as superhuman strength and fighting skills rivaling that of a Slayer.[1]

Behind the scenes[]