This article is about the sister of Liam. For the former roommate of Buffy Summers, see Kathy Newman.

She thought I returned to her... An angel.

Kathy was the younger sister of Liam, the man that would become the vampire Angelus, and the only member of his immediate family that the young girl seemed to be particularly close to.


The day Liam left his family's house, Kathy cried, prompting her brother to console her even during his argument with their father, informing her "No tears; we'll meet again". It was the last moment she saw him alive, as that very night Liam met the vampire Darla, and was subsequently sired.

Kathy was present at her brother's funeral, crying and hugging their mother while their father stared at the grave, unaware of the fate Liam had suffered.

After rising from the grave, Liam returned to his house. Kathy believed that her brother had returned in the form of an angel and invited him to enter. Afterward, Liam killed her. Kathy's belief that her brother was an angel inspired his infamous nom de guerre, "Angelus", later shortened to simply "Angel", a name that stuck with Liam, even two centuries later.

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  • Although she has not appeared again in the series, the novel Soul Trade features Angel investigating a case involving theft of the soul of a little girl called Aubrey, who reminds him strongly of Kathy; during the novel he even has a dream featuring him and Aubrey at Kathy's grave, with Aubrey commenting to him that he took Kathy's soul as Angelus and now he has to find hers as Angel.
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