His name was Kamal.

Kamal was a Prio Motu Demon and a champion of good. He was the protector of Jo and her child until he was killed by Angel, who thought Kamal was evil after misinterpreting a vision sent by the Powers That Be to Cordelia Chase and then being deceived by Merl, who hoped to cash in on the bounty placed for Jo's death.

After learning that Kamal was actually a warrior serving the forces of light, Angel took on his Kamal's mission to protect Jo and serve as her champion before The Tribunal.

Personality and traitsEdit

What, we're supposed to think a creature like that can just change its modus operandi overnight... and turn into some noble protector and defender of... oh God, what have we done?
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce[src]
Protector prio motu


Despite his heritage and the natural inclination of his species towards destruction, Kamal was a brave and noble warrior, devoted to the protection of Jo and her baby, who claimed he was her only friend. He was also a follower of the Buddhist faith, judging by the items in his dwelling.

Kamal was a hairy Prio Motu with lightly mottled, grayish skin and blue eyes.


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