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Este scris, aceasta putere este dreptul poporuil meu de a conduce. [It is written, this power is my people's right to wield.]
―Kalderash woman[src]

An unidentified woman was an elder in 1898 of the Kalderash people. She performed the Ritual of Restoration on Angelus to return his soul after he killed a beloved girl of her tribe.[1]

Afterwards, the remaining vampires of the WhirlwindDarla Spike, and Drusilla — massacred the Kalderash tribe in vengeance for Angelus's curse.[2]

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Rupert Giles once described the Ritual of Restoration as an extremely potent spell that first required the caster to possess an extensive knowledge of magic, that surpassed that of a Watcher's. If an untrained witch were to attempt it, there was a possibility of the spell opening a doorway in the witch's soul — one that she might never be able to close.[1]

In addition to performing the ritual successfully, the woman did so without letting it take over her,[1] as it'd do with Willow Rosenberg while she first performed the same spell years later.[3]

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