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Fed on a girl about your age. Beautiful. Dumb as a post, but a favorite among her clan.

This unidentified Kalderash girl was a teenage girl who was the most beloved daughter of her tribe. In 1898, Darla kidnapped and gave her to Angelus as a gift. Angelus tortured her, had sex with Darla in front of her, presumably raped her and killed her. Her murder at the hands of Angelus spurred the clan to place a curse on him, restoring his soul which caused him to feel the remorse and pain caused by all his evil deeds. Even a century later, the Clan considered Angel's curse as the perfect vengeance on him and went so far as to attempt to separate Angel and Buffy Summers to attempt to prevent the curse from breaking. At the very least, Enyos of the Kalderash considered the Clan's vengeance on Angel for the girl's murder more important than justice and other problems such as The Judge.

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  • She was portrayed by Ginger Williams.

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