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|Image = Kakistos2.jpg
|Image = Kakistos2.jpg
|First = "[[Faith, Hope & Trick]]"
|First = "[[Faith, Hope & Trick]]"
|Last = ''[[Go Ask Malice]]'' <small>(non-canon)</small>
|Last =
|Name = Kakistos
|Name = Kakistos
|Aliases = The Father
|Aliases = The Father

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For Kakistos, we live... for Kakistos, you die
―Anonymous minion of Kakistos[src]

Kakistos, the Father was an ancient Vampire master, apparently of Greek origin. He was portrayed by Jeremy Roberts.



Already old in the time of Greek antiquity, Kakistos had unusually cruel habits regarding his prey. Rather than killing, or even turning all of his victims, he would often torture female prisoners, driving them mad until they became his servants. These mad women became known as the maenads.[1]

At some point, the maenads raided the village where Artemia, the Slayer, lived. Although she was away at the time, both Artemia's husband and daughter, Alexandra, were present during the attack. Her husband was killed in the battle, but Alexandra remained hidden.[1]

On the Father's orders, both Artemia and Alexandra were captured and tormented. Alexandra's mind was broken, and she made a deal with D'Hoffryn to become a vengeance demon. She then used her powers to destroy the maenads, and was about to grant Artemia her dying wish to destroy the Father when a battle in Arashmahaar erupted, robbing Malice of her powers. The traces of this wish would remain dormant for thousands of years.[1]

20th Century

By 1940, Kakistos had moved to the Louisiana bayou, where he established a base. There, he granted Spike and Drusilla permission to hunt down a potential Slayer.[2]

Years later, Kakistos was stationed somewhere around the East coast of America, possibly Boston. There, he confronted Slayer Faith Lehane, kidnapping her Watcher, Diana Dormer. After luring Faith to his lair, Kakistos ripped Dormer in two, and promptly captured Faith. Faith, however, was not as helpless as she seemed. With the aid of Artemia's spirit, she was able to land upon the Father both a sword slash to the groin and an axe wound that cleaved his face in two, a wound from which he would never fully recover. Faith was then able to set the support beams of his lair on fire, brining to entire structure crashing to the ground.[1]

Kakistos traveled to Sunnydale to hunt down Faith, but, with the aid of Buffy Summers, Faith was soon able to defeat him.

Powers and Abilities

Kakistos was an incredibly old vampire, having cloven hooves and a demonic visage. He possessed the same powers as other vampires, but seemed less vulnerable to staking.

One unique power that he possessed was the ability to 'home in' on anyone bearing his mark. In this way, Artemia assured a confrontation between him and Faith by possessing the girl and forcing her to have his mark tattooed on her arm.



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