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Kakistos was an old vampire whose hands and feet had turned cloven. Its Greek name meant "the worst." After killing Faith's first Watcher, Kakistos sought the Slayer in Sunnydale to avenge the scarring she left on him. His traditionalism caused Mr. Trick and his minions to abandon him, and, with Buffy's support, Faith managed to overcome her fear and stake Kakistos, killing him.[1]


In 1998, Kakistos killed Faith's first Watcher in front of her, which the Slayer would describe: "They don't have a word for what he did to her." During this encounter, Faith tried to stop him and left a large scar on Kakistos's face, blinding his right eye. Unable to defeat him, Faith ran away, and Kakistos swore the Slayer would "pay for what she did" to him.[1]

Kakistos traveled to Sunnydale to hunt down the Slayer herself. With him, came an entourage of his minions, most of them fanatical followers led by Mr. Trick, Kakistos' right hand and a modern-minded vampire. They tracked Faith down in her hotel room Sunnydale Motor Inn, and Buffy helped her escape, but Kakistos and his vampires led the running Slayers into his hideout.[1]

In the ensuing fight, Mr. Trick and his vampire minions abandoned Kakistos, fed up by his lack of modern amenities, such as electric lights and cable TV. Buffy staked Kakistos, but the object wasn't enough to dust the powerful vampire. Faith then overcame her fear and staked Kakistos with a support beam, slaying him.[1]


There's a reason these vengeance crusades are out of style. It's the modern vampire who sees the big picture.
―Mr. Trick[src]

Kakistos was a traditionalist vampire who reveled in the bloodshed. He preferred to light his dwellings with candles and had little interest in modern comforts, which would've allowed him to establish a power base with little effort. It was this shortsightedness that led Mr. Trick to abandon him to be dusted by the Slayers.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

Guess you need a bigger stake, Slayer.
  • Vampire abilities: Kakistos was a vampire so old he had developed cloven hooves and was apparently incapable of assuming human face. He possessed the same powers as other vampires, however to a much higher degree. For instance, he was able to effortlessly shrug off blows from Faith and Buffy.[1]
  • Staking resistance: Common-sized stake were ineffective against him; while they were able to physically wound him, they could not dust him. He could only be dusted by a large wooden stake, as Faith used a broken wooden beam to kill him.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Jeremy Roberts.
  • Contrary to Giles' translation, "Kakistos" simply means "the worst" in Greek, without any superlative.
  • A version of Kakistos appeared as a boss in the non-canon 2003 video game Chaos Bleeds, where he is resurrected by the First Evil as his champion against Faith. In the game, Kakistos could raise the dead and threatened do so to Buffy's deceased mother, using this as a distraction to escape their first encounter. Buffy broke the spell with Spike's help and Faith later killed him again.



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