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K4X96A is the license plate assigned to a blue motorhome, registered in Florida.


In 2001, Spike acquired the motorhome for the Scooby Gang during their escape from Glorificus. It was adapted with aluminum foil on the windows so the vampire was able to drive during daytime. Rupert Giles also drove the RV, despite Spike's complains about his speed.[1]

The Scoobies were then surprised with the Knights of Byzantium shooting arrows at the vehicle, climbing its windows, and piercing its roof with a sword. Buffy fought with several Knights at the top of the RV, until Giles was injured and made the vehicle to crash onto its side. They abandoned the Winnebago in the middle of the road while searching refuge,[1] and eventually returned home in another car.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The motorhome was a 1969 Winnebago D22.