Julie was a Witch and a member of Clive's coven. At a coven house party, she attempted her matchmake her friend and ex-demonlogy teacher Andrew Wells with Clive, having picked up on the fact that Andrew had been interested in Clive. When Andrew expressed surprise at being matchmade with a man, she apologized for presuming his preference and expressed her own interest in Andrew. However, Andrew explained that he really isn't interested in romance of any sort and is instead looking for a potion meant to make a new body.

Julie then explained the Asclepian Vial, a magic potion supposed to transform an individual into their perfect self. However, she supposed that this was only symbolic or metaphoric like a initiation ritual. Ironically, the potion was effective on Andrew, revealing for the first time his sexual orientation (Andrew admitted to imagining himself kissing someone like Clive) and making him invincible in order to defeat a Demon attacking the covent to steal the potion.

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